Filipino Caramelized Fried Banana  
Fried fresh bananas coated in cinnamon and brown sugar, Topped with honey
and sprinkled with sesame seeds.
Thai Sweet Sticky Rice and Mango  
Seasonal fresh mango served with traditional Thai style sweet coconut rice.  
Ginger Crème Brulee  
Homemade crème brulee with the essence of ginger.
House Specialty Ice Creams  
Your choice of Tropical Coconut, Green Tea or Red Bean.  
Croissant Cream Custard  
A simple and delicious croissant - egg, sugar and hints of vanilla  Baked to perfection,
served chilled with whipped cream.
Chocolate Brownie  
Homemade succulent chocolate brownie, topped with dark rum-chocolate sauce and walnuts.
A La Mode  
Your choice of croissant cream custard or chocolate brownie with a side of ice cream.