New Beijing Cashew Chicken  $14.00
Fresh slices of chicken breast sautéed with onions, cashew nuts, red bell peppers and scallions in a tasty light soy sauce.
General Tsao’s Chicken  $14.00
Our version of this classic has lightly battered pieces of fried boneless chicken breast sautéed with chili pepper and our Chef’s special sauce.  
Ying Yang Duck $20.00
Boneless duck breast rubbed with traditional Chinese five-spices powder and pan-seared to perfection. It is topped with five spice-soy reduction, sliced and served with steamed baby bok choy.  
Bul Go Ki $16.00
Famous Korean BBQ-thin slices of tender marinated rib-eye steak, onions and scallions served with kim chi and Asian coleslaw.  
Kal Bi $20.00
Grilled marinated beef short ribs Korean BBQ style served with kim chi and Asian Cole slaw.  
A Thai signature dish-Your choice of Chicken, or jumbo shrimp, sautéed with fresh green chili, garlic and Thai sweet basil leaves.  
Chicken $14.00
Shrimp $19.00
Pineapple Delight  
Your choice of chicken, or jumbo shrimp, sautéed with a special tomato sweet & sour sauce, cashew nuts, pineapple, and onions.  
Chicken $15.00
Shrimp $19.00
Thai Green Curry  
The most famous of all Thai curries –Your choice of jumbo shrimp, or slides of chicken breast, Asian eggplant, bamboo shoots and sweet basil leaves simmered in spicy green curry and coconut sauce.  
Chicken $16.00
Shrimp $19.00
Panang Curry  
Your choice of grilled fresh salmon filet, jumbo shrimp, slices of chicken, simmered in authentic Panang curry sauce with sweet basil leaves.  
Chicken $16.00
Shrimp $19.00
Imperial Seafood $29.00
A medley of jumbo gulf shrimp, sea scallop, calamari and crispy soft shell crab sautéed with your choice of our authentic sauce.  
  • Ginger & bean sauce:
  •     Ginger, scallions, onions, pepper, celery and shiitake mushrooms in a tasty Chinese black bean sauce.
  • Thai roasted chili sauce:
  •     Scallions, onions, pepper, and Portobello mushrooms.
    Silence of the Lamb $29.00
    New Zealand rack of lamb, marinated then grilled to your satisfaction, served with potatoes and topped with a traditional Malaysian yellow curry sauce.  
    Shrimp Paradise $25.00
    Jumbo Prawns seared to perfection in a lemongrass cream sauce. Topped with deep-fried mushrooms, green onions, and pepper.  
    Shu-She Fish $24.00
    A seared sea bass fillet in a luscious coconut chili paste sauce, topped with green peas.  
    N.Y. Seoul Steak $22.00
    N.Y. strip steak marinated in our chef’s special kim chi sauce. Served with steamed asparagus over seaweed wrapped sticky rice.