Asian Spice Original Salad $9.00
Fresh spring mix, hearts of romaine and seasoned Japanese seaweed.  
Choice of dressing: - Japanese Honey Miso or  
  - Thai Mild Curry Peanut  
Crying Tiger Salad $14.00
Famous Thai beef salad-grilled marinated N.Y. steak, sliced and tossed in a chili-lime vinaigrette and Thai exotic herbs, served over a fresh spring mix and romaine lettuce.  
Calamari Salad $12.00
Lightly battered and fried calamari, served over fresh spring mix, romaine lettuce avocado with Sriracha remoulade dressing.  
Chicken Larb Salad $12.00
Another Famous Thai Salad, minced chicken tosses in spicy lime dressing and Thai exotic herbs, served with iceberg lettuce.  
Siam Seared Scallops $14.00
Pan seared scallops in our lemongrass chili sauce.  
Asiana Chicken Wraps $13.00
Traditional Chinese seasoned minced chicken, corn and shitake mushrooms served with iceberg lettuce.  
Papaya Salad w/ Grilled Shrimp $12.00
Julienned green papaya, tomatoes, string beans and roasted peanuts in spicy chili-lime dressing, served with grilled shrimp.  
Cucumber Salad $6.00
English cucumber with Ponzu dressing sprinkled with sesame seeds.  
Seaweed Salad $6.00
Seasoned Japanese seaweed salad.  
Edamame $4.00
Young soy beans, steamed and sprinkled with sea salt.